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Our mission is to improve your future

Established in 2009 as a foundation, works as a private placement agency authorised by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to design and offer integrated action plans and work opportunities to unemployed.

Coremsa Foundation promotes employability & social integration especially to the most vulnerable people: young, long term unemployed adults, women, elderly and people with disabilities.


Our activities



Fundación Coremsa counts with different partners in the public and private sphere to offer a wide portfolio of services which include guidance & placement services, training activities for a wide audience, different specialized programmes and implementation of international actions in the field of education, training and employment.

In addition, we are specialist in:


Our Placement Agency: information, guidance, personnel selection. Also Special Employment Centre & Domestic Aid Service


Several training programmes aimed at improving professional qualifications in collaboration with our training providers


Active in the organisation of events and complementary actions such as Cesur cinema festival, study visits, contests, etc.



Our so called special needs programmes include workshops, ICT classroom and different services to acompayning elderly people at home.


Coremsa Foundation is also keen to participate in international projects with the aim to exchange best practices in the field of training, employment and social inclusion.


Our aims 


To offer employment opportunities to the mostly needed and contribute to their work integration


To promote personalised and focused actions linked to training activities to improve their competenciesbola1


To contribute to research and development of programmes, training materials, know-how and learn from others


To facilitate access to people with disadvantage bakground or with fewer opportunitiesbola1